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Zundapp Trials


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That brings back memories..a mate had one as a field bike (about 30 years ago).

I don't know if it was knackered or not (they're all like that sir?) but it couldn't even catch a Honda step-through auto.

Ahh,those were the days..jumpers for goal-posts etc.. :D

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Be a good project for a super trick pre 65. I bet you could modify what ever you like on that bike. Nobody will have seen another one so who could say if the wrong forks or carb are fitted!!

Turn up with the wrong forks on a Tiger Cub and everyone knows.

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It's still just a cool old RARE!!! bike and I hope whomever bought it shows us a photo when it's done !!!! And yes it's definitly a rule stretcher ...

How many peeps know just what it came with ???? And the flat pipe IS cool ! IMHO! (and on the wrong side for every zundapp pic. I've been able to find ! May be a Real Rare bike ...?)


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