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Day 1 Photos


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Anyone else not able to open the photos on the front page? Message box appears stating that Internet Explorer cannot open the files.

This is both public and supporters photos.

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Looks just a little on the damp side to me:)

Got to feel for the guys who are AOT in the photos and face the rest of the day soaked through.

I hope the riders, their bikes but most importantly the Photographer managed to get dried out before today's action.

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Damn website i cannot get access to photos. Come on TC sort it out.

Damn website? Sort it out?

You're paying less than 20p a week to be a Site Supporter and you want 24-hour support? :moon:

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The gallery format was changed to use a pop-up lightbox to save users having to scroll down to see photos. It may be that Java on your computers needs updating or it may just be sheer load. TC was under VERY heavy load last night.

Todays galleries are currently uploading and I've switched back to the old format. If you still can't access todays once online then it's just down to load and all you can do is try later.

I don't have internet access in my hotel and am currently sat in the car outside another hotel using their wifi. I don't know if I have sufficient battery power to re-upload yesterday's galleries in the old format. If I do then I will.

BTW, MR. Sectiononecleaner, you do realise that TC comprises of only me, don't you? I'd much rather spend my time in front of my computer ensuring you don't have any problems, however this week I'm kinda committed to getting p*** wet through every day on Scottish hillsides... :moon:

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Hi Guy's.

Hi Andy.

Don't worry about the site being 100 percent at all times,as you say there is only you, and we sure would miss the site like you wont believe , if you pulled the plug.

So Just enjoy where you are for the week, I would gladly get wet to be there. And thank's for posting the photos, and results they were well worth waiting for.(Results that is ). enjoy as they say.

Regard's Charlie.

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Today's photos uploaded and yesterday's re-done in non-Java gallery format. It's a shame as the pop-up lightbox is so much better to view. Once I'm home and got all photos named I'll do one big gallery of all photos in both Java and non-Java formats so everybody is happy.

Now, it's time to dry off and have a wee beer :moon:

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