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Bultaco 325 1975


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hi all my frame starts with 159 had a look on club bultaco Model Identification says it s a 1975-1976 and its red and silver my bike is

Yes its normally classed as a 1976 in that case. If the frame number starts as 159 that is the model they called the "Manuel Soler" in Spain, it therefore has the separate tank, seat and airbox side panelling and not as Tim has posted the one piece tank/seat unit of the earlier models 92-151, which the UK spec bikes had the alloy Homerlite combined units fitted, the colour of which was blue and silver with separation black pinstripe lining. Aftermarket polished alloy was also available to riders who wanted earlier models road legal after fiberglass tanks were banned in 1973.

Hope this helps.

Big John

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I know the bike you've bought and it is a 1976 model 159 (which would have been available late '75, hence the registration date)

This link will show you the 250 version which is similar and will give you an idea of what it should look like.


You can buy a book from Bultaco UK giving the history of the Sherpa, also a repro owners manual for your 159.

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hi woody thanks for the reply yes you know the bike as i bought it of you mate colin when i spoke to colin we were taking about a bultaco puma and said that you have had ridden one what sort of mods were done to the bike and have you have any pic s of that bike

cheers stu

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I can't post pictures but the Puma bikes look standard in terms of components but have everything polished, chromed or anodised with a unique white stripe down the centre of the fuel tank which is Puma's trademeark. Go onto Todotrial Classic website, look at any of their trials reports and you'll see pictures of Puma Bultacos. Or search the Bultaco, Classic or Twinshock forums for Puma Bultaco and you should find previously posted pictures.

I don't know what mods he does specifically, but the entire bike is worked on in order that everything works perfectly and in a lot of cases, better than when it left the factory. Very clever man.

PS - Don't bid on the Bultaco swingarm that has just come onto ebay as it is from an Ossa MAR.... Also, the airbox is from the later Sherpa with the different sidepanels and won't suit your bike.

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thanks woody i was going to bid on that swing arm i tryed every where and no joy on a swing arm or seat was going to ask some one to measure they sing arm and gonig to make one my self as i am a tool maker/engineer and have use of the machines in work do you know of any where that may be able to help me i have put a add on the classified s

thanks stu

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You could try the following

Bultaco UK

John Collins at Port Talbot (as in John Collins, ACU Official who posts on here)

Wakefield Offroad

Also, make sure they know the right swingarm for the model 159 (John and Bultaco UK will, not sure about Wakefield) as the earlier ones won't fit. Earlier bikes have a solid tube from side to side for the pivot where the spindle runs through. 159 onwards has the rear engine mount in the middle of the swingarm so they are two short tubes 3 or 4" long either side with the rear engine mount bracket sitting inbetween them, the spindle passes through the bracket as well.

A swingarm from the 77 and 78 bikes (up to model 199) would also do the job. I don't have any of these models so I have nothing to measure.

You could also try ebay.com as there is always Bultaco stuff on there from the US but nothing that you want at the moment.

I'll be surprised if there is nothing at Telford show.

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Hello everyone,

This post makes me think of something I've always wondered : is possible to mount a campeon tank on a 159 frame?

I was looking for a second tank (just in case) and I find the campeon kit really great looking.

Thanks a lot

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I've got a model 183. What sort of dimensions are you looking for? Swing arm is in the bike which was completely disassembled two months ago, so I can't take it apart. I should still be able to pull most critical measurements.

Forgive me if my following replies are slow. Things are pretty hectic 'round here.


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