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Flywheel Weight


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Yes, you can run without the counterweight, the early red/white SWM's and the later Aprilia TXRs ran with just a nut. You will need the correct nut, I have a couple here if you want one

You dont need a impact gun to remove the weight, just a half inch drive ratchet/bar.

Either hold the flywheel, to lock the crank and remove the counterweight (std right hand thread).

Or you can lock the crank directly......look between the fins on the crank case, just below the exhaust port, and there is a 13mm hex head bolt. Take this out, poke a clean screwdriver down the hole and it will touch the crank. Slowly rotate the crank, and when it reaches top dead centre there is a hole. If you find a long M8 bolt and screw this in, it will lock up the crank to remove the counter weight or flywheel nut. Also handy, if you need to set the disc valve.



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