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That is a 1990 Beta zero, it was the very first one. I saw it for the first time at the first trial that I ever saw, the 1990 world round, held by the Canada Pacific Trials Club (CPTA) at Ioco British Columbia. That event and this bike helped create my addiction to trials. The zero was so trick for its time, blew my mind! The red and silver zero of 1990 was followed by a black,silver and green stickered model in 1991, gold framed, purple and yellow graphiced 1992 and finally the silver framed with red white and blue graphiced "gara-trial" model(still technically a zero) model in 1993. The techno model began in 1994 and thats all from me! Cheers, G

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Check the swinging arm carefully, around the top/bottom of where the bearings fit.

They were prone to cracking along there.

I had a 91 (black and green) a few years ago that I bought in boxes and had to rebuild.

Lampkins helped me with quite a few parts.

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just bought another one of these very tatty and in boxes but it seems to be all there if you just pm me or whatever il email that diagram to you it just seems easier

Hi tried to pm you my email address. But got message saying ' this member cannot receive any more messages'

Maybe your mailbox is full or something.

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