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Mokwepa - My Progress :)


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Try getting some planks or sheets of wood etc and lay them out to practice going across obstacle with a gap in between them. I was doing this weekend really helps with your timing and unloading technique.



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Well my first trial was the most fun ive had in ages and a huge eye opener at the same time. Excuse me sounding short but I have a fair bit to write on my cell.

The trial was set at a outdoor expo on a 4x4 course so there was limited space and only 8 sections and 5 laps to make up 40 routes. Lots of spectators watching your every move/dab :).

My bike was running super lean. I thought my bike was fine but had nothing to compare it to. Turned out to be a blocked pilot jet. Runs awesome now, after the trial, typical.

My score:

Total: 48 (clubman)

Rest of my class:

1: 24

2: 35

3: 35

4: 47

5: 48 (me)

6: 60

7: 111

I made some stupid and careless mistakes that cost me a few positions. Here is a rough breakdown of my faults.

Section 1: 6 points

1 dab on lap 3

Lap 5 rolled back and got a 5.

Section 2: 0 clean :D

Section 3: 6 points

Lap 1 got 1 dab

Lap 4 front axle went outside bunting.

Section 4: 14 points

One tight @ss turn that even the expert s battled with.

Section 5: 8 points

A tight drop down a step then back up. Ended up sacrificing 1 dab to get through rather than trying to clear it and costing more points.

Section 6: clean :D

Section 7: 11 points

Very satisfying section but hard.

Lost 5 points cause axle left bunting.

Lost another 5 points cause I tried the intermediate line but missed the gate out of sheer stupidity. Cleaned the intermediate line but cost me.

Section 8: 3 points

Lap 1 I picked a bad line and got 3 points.

After that, I nailed it.

If I work out what I should have scored minus my dumb mistakes I should have scored a 28 placing me 2nd. Sad thing is I could have but didnt, more reason to train harder.

The bug has seriously bitten.


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Well, Congrats on the good finish there, Mokwepa!! :icon_salut::thumbup:

If I recall correctly, I finished dead last at my first Trial, and thngs haven't gotten much better in the year since that first one, hee hee..... :stupid:

But it's fun, ain't it?? Did you learn much?

Now you know the types of things you need to practice on for the next one.......


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good job man. also i've been riding for over 35 years i've cured lots of technical problems over the years with patience and practice but i can't find a cure for all the dumb mistakes i make.

keep working on it and have fun


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I did learn a bunch at the trials. Cambered turns need practice. I managed ok but I could have been smoother. I was given 4 dvds on trials training so ive been studying them to get some tips.

Biggest thing I learnt was concentration. If you bugger arround it will cost you.

I have a new obstacle that I tried today and cleaned it first try. The rock on the left of my helmet needs to be zaped and the one with my helmet on, I double bliped. Are these the right techniques for these rocks?


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The rock on the left has a knee high vertical section at the bottom that I try to hop the back up in a zap.

The big rock on the right is vertical and undercut. One day when I learn to splat.....thats rocks gonna get it :D

This spot is outside the reserve, so no lion to worry about but hippo are a issue early morning and late afternoon. They come eat the grass in front of our house in winter as we water the grass. Winter is our dry season. My artificial spot is at the lodge but I have a natural spot by my house that I get to ride when im on leave.

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