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Mokwepa - My Progress :)


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Not sure why my cell flips my pics sometimes.

Thought id shave some weight off :)

Had a awesome training session today....got a mate to set sections for me and he took great pride in making me fail to clean sections set by him. It helped alot as I pushed myself hard to show him I can do it. I failed most of the time but eventually got the technique sort of sorted and cleaned a few.

I also climbed a wall I said I wont do (too close to nationals to try dumb stuff), but I guess that show off instinct took over.....and it was a piece of cake......but did scare the cr@p out of me :)

I made sure I had a play afterwards to boost my confidence as the sections my mate set really made me work and its not nice failing all the time.

Overall, a great day on the bike.


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Sorry about the pics flipping. ...no idea what thats about.

Anyway, got some new rubber on the rear. Trying a goldent tyre....woooohooowoooo..... (waiting for the chirps:)). Our #1 rider, Brent le riche, apparently doesnt feel a difference, so im quite sure I wont :).

That slime stuff makes a mess when you pull a tire but cleans up very easily. Im set on my anti flat technique. Havent had a flat since.

Started packing for my loooong haul down for nationals. Gonna be a blast, even if I ride like a chop!:)




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Good luck mate! Have some fun for all of us!!! My wife said yesterday "Can we camp overnight this weekend and take trials bikes"?

I looked up temp for Gap Creek.... ahhhhhh minus 2 deg C!!!! So thats a no for these older bones, in a tent, at those temps!

A day trip it is!

Don't forget camera! Just a few pics would be great!


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Hi guys.

Got back yesterday after KZN nationals. What a great experience. It was well worth the $$$ and the 1800km drive :).

The trial was at a awesome venue with all the sections being close to the campsite. The spectators seemed to enjoy it as they could easily walk and watch almost all the sections.

the standard was great as ive never dropped so many 5's and still thoroughly enjoyed it.

out of 19 riders in my class, I took 8th on day 1 and pulled off 6th for day 2. Im chuffed with that as my goal was top 10 and to beat one fine gentleman (got him by 1 point :)).

I also had the pleasure of meeting and watching 7 times champ, Tony Orrey. His riding style is amazing to watch.

I also, unfortunately, experienced 2 runaway motors. Mine was easy to sort out, yanked the cable out. The other not so easy and we failed.....engine screamed its t!ts off for about 6/7 seconds and came to a sudden stop. We pulled plug lead off, yanked cable and I tried to glove the pipe (dont ever do this with thin trials gloves, burnt 3 fingers and melted my gloves to peaces). We didnt have time to turn the bike upside down.

All in all, a excellent and unforgettable weekend. Loved every moment!








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I was just thinking today..... buzzz, whirr, bing, clank, vroooommm, boink, (my brain sounds) WTF (thats where!) is Dylan! Hehehehehee And you came through with a post! Excellent!!!

Pic 1... caption! I think we need more oil in the fuel mix??? Hehehehe

Pic 2 Bou could do it! I got much further than Mags could!!!! Hehehehe

Pic 3 and 4 Beta rules!!!!!!!!!!!! And RED colour!!!! Hehehehe

Pic 5 Don't tell anyone on this forum but I'd like a pic with Bou!

Pic 6 Official night huh! Excuse to have a good time... and drink some alcohol!!! Hehehehehe

Pic 7 Mate!!!!!!!!! That camp looks a bit tidy for a Trials rider!!! And hogging the barbecue!!! Hehehehehehehe (redCoalsWink)

Glad you had a great time! Two wheels and dirt.... can't go wrong!


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Love the pic of the bike in tent!! Hehehehehe I have my road bike in the house! My wife thinks its normal as her dad did the same thing when she was a little girl.

I kid you not... he restored his Vincent Black Shadow on the kitchen table when they lived in England. She ate her porridge every morning looking at sparkling Vincent coming together.


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0 at night is not cold. As you are wearing short sleeves during the day! Great pics as always. Love your thread by the way. The secret to cold weather camping is changing into dry, clean clothes at bedtime.

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