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Mokwepa - My Progress :)


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Hi guys.

A quick update......im still here and as enthusiastic as ever......just havent been training as much. Im battling with my left shoulder and am hoping to be sliced and diced in June /July to sort it out.

I am competing in my biggest event this weekend though (biggest since I was 7 or 8 years old). A 2 day, national event in some seriously tough terrain.

Im nervous but will keep you posted.

Wish me luck :D

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Well im a bit surprised. ........I rode VERY well this weekend.

I managed a 3rd place for nationals day 1 and took 1st for day 2. I am absolutely buggered today but my shoulder held up pretty good.

We rode 48 sections per day and time was 6hrs plus 30 min penalty time. I finished both days with less than 30 minutes spare. It was a tough one but it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have ever had. My bike does need some serious TLC after this one.


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Im off for a week so im gonna try put in a few hour a day of propper training. My next event is in less than 2 weeks and im entering with the bigget boys to see how that goes. Going to enter intermediates......time I move up a class I think. Very keen to see if I can cope.

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Had a good ride today. Worked on undercut logs (small but working on perfecting technique), steep climbs with vertical lips at the top, cambered turns but still took the time to practice fig 8s (ballerina legs, cannot remember where I read that but its stuck in my head and helps alot).




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Morning all. Im attempting to ride a trial at intermediate level today. Its just a club event so I thought I would give it a try and see what needs working on. Interested to see where I place amongst the better riders. Should be fun.

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Had a awesome ride today. Placed 8th out of 20 riders.

A big jump from clubman I must say but I think I coped ok. Learnt a lot and I know what I need to work on.

Im feeling very motivated even if I know I wont be making podium again for a loooong time, but make no mistake.....I WILL get there eventually :)




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I got him a 12.5 a few months ago. Its already had a makeover. He took a tumble a while ago and I battled to get him back on it. Im taking it very slow with him......I dont want to push him too hard and skrew it up. He is back up and riding again.



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Hi guys

Spent a few hours yesterday clearing out a new training spot at work. Lots of rock and can be VERY technical depending on the line chosen.

I had a spectacular fall yesterday, @ss over t!ts, over the bars, bike cartwheeld down the rocks.....all caught on video and then the twit filming deleted it by mistake :(. Oh well, I guess there will be more of that to come.

Ive got some great spots to ride/train and no one to share them with.

Training for my long distance (800km away) nationals coming up in july. Need to find out what type of terain itll be though.





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The most important thing that ive learnt to date is, dont neglect the basics. I loose the majority of my points in silly dabs that shouldnt happen, not on the big/fun stuff. I still take the time to practice fig 8s.

Nice pair hey :) ?


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