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Mokwepa - My Progress :)


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Well done for sharing your journey with us.... I also live in a game sanctuary but luckily no Elef or Rhino.. Buffalo are my biggest plague around here and when I reach the top of some interesting rocks in good shape and fairly quietly ie without falling off or getting stuck I have often surprised them and they bolt away smartly. This is a much more regular thing than on the enduro bike as I am up on the tops and in the trees where they rest up in the daytime...so be it.

What about hippo, however? I have found some awesome stuff in the river gorges, lots of big wide steps cut by hippo up and down the banks into a narrow rocky gorge about 6 ft wide- superb if the river has dropped down to 1 foot deep. I haven't met one yet except in a car while driving about and they aren't that aggressive (no hunting and no predators big enough to take on a hippo). I hurl rocks about and make noises as I rev the engine and have not met any on the bike. What do you reckon a hippo would do?

Otherwise a trials bike is the most magic way to see game as it is unthreatening and quiet...the biggest risk I have had was almost parking on a cobra or being wiped off by some galloping Zebra.

I've just cut a log into a beam across the river and when I get my bike back from the menders' I shall show some vid of that!

Best of luck from the same continent at least!

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@ Tomcha ...will get back to you....a few cold ones under the belt tonight.

Had a play on the 300 today and promised myself I would go easy on the elbow but I just could not resist.

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Your riding is coming along really well! But the thing about you that simply amazes me is how you can get your kettle over the fire to hang horizontally? Now that, along with the fire on it's side, is simply amazing! :marky::rotfl::chairfall:

Seriously, I hope your elbow heals quickly. I'm going nuts staying off my bike. We've been having fantastic, dry, kinda warm, sunny weather here (somewhat unusual for this part of the state, this time of year), and the only riding I've done is on my lawn mower! :crying::stupid:

In the second/middle pic you post, it looks like you got some decent lift of your rear wheel up onto your tire! :thumbup: The stoppie/nose wheelie in the last one looks cool, and seems even neater after reading that you've "tightened up" your practice space a bit..... Great Work, Sir! :icon_salut:


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Hi guys

Had a good solid 2 hour ride today. Finally got the suspension dialed in. What i did is:


- compression..........10 turns in from full out

- damping.................24 clicks out from full in


- compression...........turned adjuster ring (top one) 1cm up from middle of threaded section

- damping..................one full turn in from full out

The bike now hops like a pogo stick and still has enough damping to keep traction......or is at least 100 times better than it was. I felt the suspension was too soft for me and i wasnt getting enough rebound off the rear shock and since i figure that the bike is set up for lighter riders, i decided to get a bit more spring out of it.

I am 6 ft tall and weigh 86kg for what its worth.

I also played with the mapping on my big tire and i certainly get up easier and more reliably with the hard mapping, so i refitted the fast action throttle that my pops removed but will only get to test it out tomorrow. I might also refit the 10t front sprocket.

Overall a great day on the bike :D

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Hi guys

Im still practicing as often as I can but the elbow has kept me off the bike here and there. Ive got 2 new obstacles and ive tightened things up a bit. Not super smooth yet but I feel im starting to progress a bit faster now. Still having a ball though.


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