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Mokwepa - My Progress :)


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Man, Dylan, You have Dedication! :icon_salut: Sore elbow, a "Tough Crowd" of spectators when ya ride..... Kudos to ya. Buddy!

Hey, are you able to lay out some sorta section in that area? That rocky slope looks great for practicing turns on, floater turn practice, stopping then wheelying over a rock, & etc........


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Had a play in my new spot today. I learnt how to find better traction on wet rocks.

I tried everything in second gear and I just could not clear a certain spot untill I tried it in third and was extra careful on the clutch.....wam bam thanks maam.....cleared it every time after that.

Gonna go play again later.




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Hi guys

My fist 2014 trial is on the 12th January so im riding every chance I get (every day at the moment). This spot is about 100 meters from my house with tons of rock. I havent riden on my obstacle course for a long time, im focusing on natural terain at the moment as its more random and I think it will prepare me alot better. I get guests soon so it will be back to the artificial course in my lunch break for a few weeks.

Ps: yes I like my action shots with a wheel off the ground......it gives me that warm feeling inside :D






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Well rode my first trial for 2014 yesterday and it seems like my trianing is paying off. I took 3rd place (out of 29 riders in my class) with 14 points and tied with 4th . Took 3rd due to no of cleans (32 cleans vs 29). To say im happy with the results is a understatement :D






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My training spot as it stands now. Re arranged a few things but cell couldnt get the logs in. Looking forward to a play session but nursing a bust rib. Cant even fart in peace. Will have a go tomorrow if I get some time.

BIG trial for me in august (personal score to settle, need to work on fitness). Im not too concerned with where I come but I want to finish feeling good about myself, my prep, my machine etc. Personal thing.


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Hi guys

I see this thread has had quite a few views even though the replies have slowed down. Anyway thought I would update it and keep it going, ive even read it a few times to see how ive progressed. ....its quite fun.

Well at the moment im feeling quite proud of myself :) and how ive progressed. I won my first event (clubman) and plucked up the courage to attempt a splat, which went quite well. Ive been keen to try one for a while but am still a bit scared of my EVO 300 when im using a bit more throttle.

Heres a vid of my first splat (well not the absolute first, I had to experiment with the kicker a bit). For some reason it wont let me paste the link.

A pic then:

I have a bust rib so I gave training a miss today but plan on building(more like digging) a splat training wall tomorrow. I also need to practice some cambered turns. Heres a pic of the spot ill be playing at tomorrow.

Cheers for now.





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