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Carrying Fuel Off Road


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What about "Fuel Friend" bottles, I have two of them (1,00 L size each) and they are very handy to use. They come in different sizes, have strap's if you want to attach them somewhere to the bike or just store them in your bag as I do. They are very solid and the lock doesn't leak any gasoline even if the tank is under pressure or laid in the sun.

Here is the website:


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The stuff from outlawstrials are just swiss made SIGG bottles (found here: https://www.sigg.com/en_deat/ ) where they sewed some fabric around ... and they take a lot of Money for them, (if you wan't to hear my opinion).

These SIGG bottles are very good but more for own personal drinks, using them for petrol or gasoline is wasted money.

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I personally use Primus 1L fuel bottles they seem to do the trick, but if you search on the internet theres lots of different options available like a rucksack with built in bladder tank! or bolt on fuel cells "http://www.adventureparts.co.uk/Adventure-Chassis-BLACK-2-x-1-LitreTanks" or depending on the make of trials bike you can buy another tank that has a larger capacity! but most of these are expensive, thats why I would recommend the primus fuel bottles they cost about 12euro per bottle and work great!

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There are three different fork mounted tanks. Acerbis makes two sizes: I think they are about 3 liters and 6 liters. Hebo makes (not sure if still in production) a small one that holds about 1 liter.

I have used a bicycle water bottle holder, hose clamped onto one fork, with a metal water or gas bottle. I prefer a good strong metal bottle to plastic because they are stronger and have much stronger caps in case of an unplanned contact with a tree or rock.

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