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Anyone know how much lighter in kilograms a new gas gas is in comparison to my txt pro 280 02 model . Thanks

Hey chris west are you planning on getting shut of some wieght from your bike or are you just enquiring?
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The 02 was heavier than that, it has the steel OLD forks tubes & larger old fork tanks on the front. new bikes the pair of alum forks weigh less than one of the old forks.

Dad actually weighed all our bikes, when we still had the 06 pro, 08 10 raga, and the 11 raga 300's. they had different weights of course, ready to ride (full of fuel and all that) with the 11 being the lightest. if he still has it written down anywhere, I might remember to post it.

Plus we've owned (or chaperon'd owners) that had the 02 280, and they cannot believe how much difference there is in bikes, until each of them moved up to, well like my newest rider went to the 08 or 07 Pro... there is more than just the weight, but where the weight is IMHO, that makes a difference.

I guess we'll have lead skid plates next year, so Honda can finally catch up with gasgas/sherco/beta on "bike weights" lol.

Again, I laugh a little, with you guys because Jordi was throwing the old 93 models around more than most of us ever will the 14 on up models...

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You forget Mitch the `02 had mag cases. Dale listed it at 144 and the `03 at 146. I just sold a complete `03 Front end to Jim Snell. Triple clamps and forks complete with front axle. In the box ready to ship 18 lbs.

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I have a 2003 GG 250 TXT Edition and a 2021 TXT Racing side-by-side at the moment. I can tell you for sure that the 2003 bike is a good deal heavier but can't say by how much. Just take the rear wheels out; they are considerably different in weight on thir own.

All I can say for sure is, being partially disabled, the new bike is a lot easier to ride for two hours, no question about it.

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