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Rev3 Wont Idle


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Hi guys , looking for some advice.

Ive just bought an 06 rev3 200cc and on my first proper ride I noticed it wont idle properly.

If you give it a blip every now and then, its ok. The problem comes when youre not able to gove it the blip.

I was coming down a hill and concentrating on staying on the bike and it died.

Anybody experienced this? Any suggested jetting?

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Have you tried adjusting the idle screw when warm.Not every 1 has a tacho,but you should be able to adjust the idle screw.to get a decent tickover , and also check your plug to check mixture strength.also if float level on the low side can give same results.

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I had the same thing, turned the fuel air screw (not by much) and its been great since.

Warm the bike up.

Mark where it is with paint.

Then moved 1/4 in/out until it ran clean.

Then adjusted the tickover.

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Very common for the Mikuni equipped Betas to stall on downhills. Mostly due to the angle of the carb which is optomized for power while climbing. Once the bike is jetted properly for the flats the stall can usually be abated by proper adjustment of the floats and turning up the idle speed just a bit.

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Hi, I had the exact problem on a 2006 rev 3 250 cutting out when on a slight downhill.

I sent the carb to BVM in stroud and they changed the needle valve seat and set the tangs

on the float height.

It cost £48 with post and it run/idled spot on, problem gone !!

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