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Questionable Design

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Barely falling over, cracking one of three mounts and now the damn thing will not run. Give me back my TR34. I have never seen a crank bend from a crash, but I`ve seen a lot of money spent on poor designs. (Aprilia)

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Looks like I won't be able to tell you how well the new design holds up. Just got the Factory 125 and unfortunately the little bike still has the old style stator/flywheel. Still an awesome looking bike though!

There should still be enough 300's around the nationals to give a good evaluation. I still don't foresee any problems...

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Sorry to chip my 2 bobs worth here but there's three solutions.

1.Get to know someone who can fabricate a case saver if you can't do it your self.

2.Your lucky ,ive had road racing bikes where fuel has eroded the crank cases from the inside( a Honda RS 125 ).If you have a bike with Mag cases, crank or other wise,give them a good cleaning and they will be ok.

3.Don't buy a bike with mag cases if it p****s you off that much.

What say you?

Oh yes don't stand them to near the gas fire ,or they will spontaniously combust in a nice white blaze ! Ha sorry just my crap humor.

Really it's a costly problem to resolve and i see your point.

sirhc your bike look's absolutly brill . I know several people now who have gone for the Factory 125 .

Hope you enjoy it.

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Well we made it though the national season with several 300 Factory's out there and none broke their ignition covers. Also with this new design it is tucked in more than before.

My kid got a 300 after the nationals (from the 125) and has already put a lot of time on it. I'm not saying something couldn't happen, heck he has even punched a hole in the clutch cover so anything is possible! So yes it could get broken along with 1,000 things that might happen.

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