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Which Tyre X 11 Or X Light


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I need a new back tyre and just after some advice price wise not much difference..between x light and X11

I have been told x light isn't as durable but I only ride approx 20 times a year mix of rocky streams and forestry type terrain..

I am a novice so will I notice any diffence anyway lol..

Any advice would be welcome.. Thanks

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if its cold i reckon you would tell the difference, in my experience the x11 goes rock solid when cold. the xlite does wear alittle quicker and if you do alot of rocks it sometimes gets cuts and punctures in the sidewall. if its not gonna effect you how much you spend go for xlite. lot better grip in my opinion!!

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I really like the X-Lites but they do get more punctures if you're riding sharp rocks. Mine generally have a few "dog turd" plugs hanging out of them but I will buy the same again. But there's nothing wrong with the X11 either. I think the weight difference is about 400 grams for a rear.

Interestingly, the latest Gas Gas factory replicas are now being delivered with X11 tyres (they previously ran X-Lites).


Brisbane Australia.

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Likewise the Pirelli (I think it is an M43) trials tyre. They are so rock hard you have to drop the pressure to about 1 psi and then they come off the rim. I think the IRC and Pirelli get used by the flat track guys a fair bit.

The Dunlops are ok and pretty resistant to punctures but can be a pain to fit and remove.

For a novice I'd suggest the X11 will do just fine.

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Ran a IRC last year on my air cooled mono but had to run 3psi to get it to grip good but other than that it went well and had no problems with it stoping on the rim till I slit the side wall then had to fit a tube to finish the season

For the tr280i I have just fitted a Dunlop for next year and had to take it to a bike shop to get it blown onto the rim after 2 hrs. of trying myself , the x11 I can fit in 5 mins so I hope I get no holes and it stays on the rim :rolleyes:

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The IRC is fine on DID and all older type rims. It's only the newer type Morad rims that they seem to have a problem staying on.

The Dunlop is a bit stiffer in the sidewall than the X11 when new but they do soften up after a few hours riding. But it will stay on the rim if you have a puncture, used a lot by top riders for things like the Ssdt and scott trials and also the best choice for sidecar trials.

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