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Stick In The Mud !


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After months of riding in the warm and dry sun and thinking my scorpa 125 was the perfect partner for me, I went out on Sunday and came across some deep muddy Sh!t .. I just found out that small engines are not good in deep mud ! .. need more cc's

Whats good in the mud ? and do you like riding wet ? (hehe, come on get that thought out of your mind !)

4t ... 2t ?

Looks like my scorpa 125 is going up for sale soon .. these are rare but plenty demand, folks seem to love em. . at the right price of course

What should I get ? .. I feel like I want it to pull me arms out rather than rev the tittys off it (if you know what I mean)

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I'd be looking at the ssdt winners of last 10 yrs and maybe pick one of them?

Last 3 were Gas Gas...

4 before that were Beta...

The last 4 stroke was in 2007 with Dabill aboard.

Sherco was 03, 04, 05, 06...


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Give it a big handful before a muddy climb, cut through the mud. Or go really slow in other muddy situations. Dead slow or as fast as possible, worked a treat last time I went out. If you fancy a change go for it, just don't blame the bike you've got.

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