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What Is This Idiot Doing To A Jcm?


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Thought I'd get in 1st and title the topic before some one else says it!!!


This section has been quiet for ages now so I thought I'd post a couple of pics of a project I should have done by now.


I've been collecting loads of parts over the past year or so, I just need to get the rest of it mocked up and fabricated then strip back down and refurbish it all.


I was lucky to get one of the last 2 new mudguards in existence, I'm not going to use it though, it's too rare so I'm getting replica's made as I know I'll end up breaking it.


Spot the parts that shouldn't be on the bike.





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Swinging arm, rear wheel, rear brake,front forks front wheel for a start

Rear wheel, brake and swingarm from a 99TXT, Rev 3 forks and yokes, Sherco front wheel.


I've got to fabricate a mount for the rear linkage and tig'd on the swingarm.


I need to find another shock as it has a weep so I will find something lighter and more modern and make it work with the old spring.


I need to reinforce frame and change the rake and footpeg mounts.


I'm planning to go original colors and stickers as I still want it to look JCM.


So far it hasn't cost me much luckily as the bikes are worth next to nowt, I have a soft spot for the bike with many teenage memories to re-live on it!


I just need to get welding and fibre glassing now.

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