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  1. What Is This Idiot Doing To A Jcm?

    I got a fibreglass replica rear mud guard for my jcm 240 tr from the man himself joel correy last year think it was £80 posted to me in the uk,he still has loads of spares easist way to contact him is by email
  2. New Member Introducing Myself Paulpat

    hi welcome back we have a trial on sunday 11am start at manton quarry near scunthorpe.3 routes for all abilities and a conducted route for the electric bike guys come along all welcome
  3. Insurance

    thanks guys
  4. mecatecno

    recently restored mecatecno sky walker
  5. Insurance

    Hi I have a scorpa sy 250 that I am trying to insure for the road.I have recently sold my road bike and wanted to swop the insurance over but the company does not deal with trials bikes or even list the scorpa tried carol nash and they don't list the sy 250 can anybody recommend a good insurance company
  6. Enduro On A Trials Bike?

    I did some events about 20 years ago on a montesa242 realy enjoyed myself, go at your own pace enjoy the day don't blow your bike up.After this me and a friend bought a couple of Kawasaki trail bikes kmx 125 had lots of fun the guys on the mx bikes got us on the straights but around the woods we had the upper hand
  7. Ty50/ty80 Help

    HI just spotted this ty 50 rolling chassis complete with good forks wheels tank etc for sale on facebook the guys name is sam Johnson tel 0709443656 he is in north Lincolnshire hope this helps you
  8. Haven Trialsport

    I got hold of vince at haven last week via his email
  9. Twinshock Trials Championship

    has anybody got anymore pictures to post there were lots of fantastic bikes there im sure the world is waiting to see them
  10. Twinshock Trials Championship

    I rode on my jcm brilliant trial venue and very well organised well done to everyone involved
  11. Heat Resistant Paint

    bbq paint from b&q brings a good long lasting finish
  12. Where Is This Bike From?

    Hi scot the bike is a regent rtx {regent trials experiment] the parts were made in Russia and assembled in the uk at a place called goxhill in north Lincolnshire about 15 miles from where I live.a friend of mine was there development rider they were made with minsk engines either 125cc or 200cc not too sure how many they made but recently there were 2 for sale on ebay in the town I live in,i have also seen at a classic trial last year one fitted with a triumph tiger cub engine which looked very neat. they guy who brought them in still has a shop in goxhill called regent motocross im sure he is on the web hope this helps
  13. Fantic245 Refurbished.

    I got one off bill pye last year for my 240 £100 if I remember correctly I would not bother with a used one as most of them are on there last legs
  14. Bonjour

    welcome pictures of your restoration please
  15. My Saracen Hodaka Project

    very nice you have done a great job