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  1. paulc76

    Restricting a 125?

    The easiest and cheapest way is to put a pit of fuel pipe over the throttle cable on the carb end
  2. paulc76

    Cota 310

    I Have sent you a PM
  3. Pretty sure they are cycle thread
  4. Paul Dawkins at https://www.motorbikeregistrations.co.uk/ will help you out
  5. Also most of the info you find online is for the more common type of motoplat where the switching electronics are within the coil yours is not this type so the info does not apply
  6. Ok I'm sparking again now stator was bad but had a spare the readings are as follows coil primary 1.5 ohms coil secondary 18.2 Kohms Blue wire to blue wire 281 ohms Black to grey 25.2 ohms grey to ground 107 ohms black to ground 82 ohms blue wire to earth several Mohms so no connection really yellow wire is lighting yellow/green from ignition unit to earth white from ignition unit to kill switch other side of kill switch to ground hope this helps Paul
  7. I am just about to look at one with no spark and i have a running one to compare so will let you know the reading the ignition you have is the type with the separate ignition unit usually hiding between the headstock gussets the coil should be a single wire type 1.5ohm connected to the green wire the white wire should go to the kill switch you should also see a voltage between the two blue wires when you kick it over the black and grey are the trigger wires i'll let you know the resistance once I've measured mine
  8. paulc76

    TR 80 v TR77

    No worries there are a few of us from the wirral that ride regularly with aqueduct just keep an eye on there website for dates
  9. paulc76

    TR 80 v TR77

    Come along to the Aqueduct classics trial next weekend you will be able to speak to owners of both not far from you
  10. No Worries I have attached a parts list if you need it Montesa_Cota_348_1978_Parts_list.pdf
  11. Thats normal the conrod thrust is taken up on the small end
  12. paulc76

    TLM rings

    What was the conrod you managed to match up?
  13. That means it was manufactured week 24 2017
  14. yes just a dating certificate and a nova needed a friend did one last week no need to mot
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