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New Transit


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We are just getting the full size Transit here in the US this model year. We build them here in Kansas City in a plant parallel to one of the F150 plants. We have had the Transit Connect here now for the past two generations and they are selling pretty well. The last version of the Transit connect here was built in Turkey as well and the quality was good but those were simple. No Kombi versions. The newer Transit connect we get here is built in Valencia Spain and we even get the Kombi version. This replaced our full size E-Series here which were cheap and plentiful. You can get a ton of stuff into them. 


Ford currently builds the New Transit in, Kansas City US, Kocaeli Turkey, and Inokom Malaysia. The old transit is still built in Asia in several plants but on demand.


Turkey is an all van factory at this point and they have been doing it for a long time. The factory is very clean and modern compared to a lot of other automotive plants. They love them in Eastern Europe and Russia. They have a hard time keeping up with demand at times. 


Glenn i think the NV is an interesting and reliable vehicle but I just have a hard time getting past the hood. Its a titan mated with a midsize transit... 


I would comment on the promaster but well i don't want to get on Copes bad side. :)



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Biff ,

The NV shares drivetrains with the Titan and not much else . And that hood gives you cabin space like a pickup , no engine cover inside . Mine is a low roof version so it's just a tad bigger overall Than your old E van ...  If you get a chance , roll under one and check out the size of the frame . You'll be surprised . And Yeah the it's body on frame , No unibody for me . Built like a truck should be .  B)


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got agree nigel the French are very supportive of all there industrys especially cars etc any drive around france will prove it with the public plumping for home produced models more than any other by a mile.the worst car I ever had was a morris marina jesus Christ I had to change  the bottom trunion and top ball joint they had seizied  required large amounts of oxy propane a 4 foot strong arm and  huge scaffolding tube. guess what !!! bstrds seized again three months later and the suspension collapsed. I have worked on 40+ year old locos that were not that bad.


rember wrangler jeans in the thatcher years they were made in an Asian sweat shop shipped back to the uk to have the badge stitched on in Scotland so they could qualify as made in the uk. complete and utter bollox.

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