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New Transit


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Hi Baldilocks,


                     Had custom sport 6 months now, dont know about trafic or transporter as allways had Fords.


                     I absolutely love mine, my mates just got a new audi Q3 quattro and my van has got more electrical gadgets in it (standard spec)   :hyper: .


Brilliant to drive , very comfy to drive long distance, real time  around town, bobbin about mpg 34 MPG.


In the back size wise you can get an 8 ft x 4 ft sheet on floor detween the wheel arches.


Dont know if you seen it but type in.. "Fifth Gear S23 E16" on youtube (8mins in) Tiff tests the new transit.


               So Very Happy with mine Ford spent millions developing this van and it shows. 



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Same as above, got a 155 ltd, heated seats, (all 3 of them) cruise, air, dab radio, heated screen, comfy, quiet. Big enough in the back and very cheap, the equivalent transporter was gonna be about £7k more for less power and kit, get 34mpg dotting about town and around 40mpg on a run with mine.

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                      PLEASE........ :moon:


                      I'm no "Pikey"  


                      I'm a proper workshop "Engineer" !   


                      Not many left now ! 


                      And I like my van  :irish:

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yeah you are mr Rushton seen picking scrap up [usually taken before its lost] tarmacking and selling pegs roofing [i heard there was a cheaper quote to redo the Sistine chapel than your quotes] you pikey git.



the patron saint of pikey robbing *******s.!!!!! :irish:  :irish: :irish:  :irish:  :irish:  :guinness:  :guinness:  :guinness:  :guinness:  



only joking bud but you do have pikey van  :moon:  ;)  ;)  ;)

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I'm here in the states as you know , I went and checked out transits before I Bought my Nissan NV.. I got a bare bones 1500 cargo van and absolutely

love it . I'm slowly making a camper out of it for trials weekends , and I use it for a daily driver too . With the V6 mine averages about 19.6 mpg over about 6ok .If you've got the space to park it , look at the big NV's . The little nv200's are tire eating monsters for some reason .  I know your specs across the pond are different to ours , but give it a look and a test drive ...


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trannys have tended to be built all across Europe with the parts being the same not to sure if final assembly is in the uk or shipped fully built. as long as there ok that's all that matters .it don't stop them being the number 1 seller though.


http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/transit/65364/ford-transit-van-factory-closesin case youre in any doubt.

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well nigel  you are right in regards to the transit being imported.  and I do know craig is an engineer this is the sad fact of the uk now we are almost incapable of designing and building anything anymore. we were locomotive ,ship builders ,heavy engineering builders to the world but not any more. we also produced coal etc but now we import everything. in fact my politics are as red as red can be but the rot cancer set in long before the crooked bankers etc made it even worse..



enough politics. back on topic



tranny vans loved across the uk  by scrap tea leafs armed blaggers pikeys  lewis Hamilton wonna be formula one white van drivers etc etc etc and certain trial bike gurus and trial bike owners.

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What I cant work out is how its made in Turkey and shipped from outside the eu yet still costs less to produce it there, quality apart.


Perhaps more difficult to understand is how the Southampton plant was allowed to close and peeps just accept that its a Transit so its ok. You go to france and the post office utilities etc all have french vans and cars, why dont we?


My view is that its a decent enough van but is a few years too late, and with the traffic Vito transporter etc theyve lost far too many customers to ever get back to the numbers (market share) they once had.

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