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Alpina 85 Wiring


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I'm going to wire my bike but very confused with the wiring diagrams in the manuals as they all look slightly different!

I have three wires coming out of the engine; green, yellow and black, many of the diagrams show four wires, so what's correct?

Has anyone a definitive diagram or has re-wired a M85.

Thanks for your help.

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Mark - 

If you need a wiring diagram for any old bike, a  good place to start looking is in the maufacturer's OWN literature (if this available), rather than aftermarket manuals which in the interests of sales appeal try to cover a whole range of different models/years/markets, etc. - a task at which they are inevitably doomed to fail..


I've made a scan of the wiring diagram in the original OE instruction manual supplied with UK-market Alpina 85 bikes. There you go :-




Incidentally, an identical diagram also appears in Sherpa 91/92 instruction book; it may be of use to UK owners of those models.

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Hi Mark, The wiring diagram posted by Lorenzo is the correct one for your bike. I have successfully wired up 6 Bultacos using this diagram.

Before you start, check you have the following....

1 Femsa regulator (consists of zenor diode and resistor attached to a bracket)

2 Femsa brake light switch (when the rear brake is operated the switch opens- yes this seems the wrong way round but believe me it's correct)

3 A good earth on the front and rear lights (particularly if you are using plastic mudguards)

The black wire does indeed go to the HT , this also connects to the cut out.

The green wire goes to the REGULATOR not ground. Look carefully at the diagram and you will see that the green wire from then engine connects to ground via the brake light switch. When the brake pedal is operated, the brake switch opens and earth is made through the brake light filament thus illuminating the bulb. (Very clever) if the bulb has blown, earth is made through the resistor and it is usually a bit of a pig to start.

By the time you wire up lights on your 2nd or 3rd Bultaco you'll get the hang of it.

I must say that I have had no problems ((touch wood)) with this set up.

PM me if you get really stuck, I am sure we can sort it out.


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Mark -

Good luck with the wiring, etc.

That's gonna be one pretty bike when it's back together !

Where DID you get that tank/seat unit ?


Guessing there's a  "lady-of-the-house",  I hope that's the spare bedroom...........

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Many thanks for the comments.

The tank was done by a local sprayer who was recommended to me by someone who restores Morgan's to show standards and he uses him for all his paint jobs. The guy was a perfectionist he even sourced the original blue and yellow paint codes for me, the yellow line was painted not a tape. He repainted the blue twice as he was not happy with his first effort ! Plus the cost was very reasonable for the amount of work he put in it, he was well below what bike sprayers quoted me.

Yes, the bike currently lives in my daughters bedroom she's at university so not many complaints so far !


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