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Inlet Rubber Ty175


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12 hours ago, motosolex said:

Excellent tips. Any issues with the carb hitting up against anything? 

Any pictures since this was posted?


In addition to the above is there also a boost bottle pipe connector which would need blanking off?

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I think this mod could explain why one of my TYs outperforms the other, ( that does not have the RD inlet.).   It has instant wheel lifting power, instead of the slow build up of speed.

I did notice on one section, that the engine stalled when asked to power over a 4 foot turning bump, something my old 350 Bultaco would have just thump-thumped over.

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On 5/14/2015 at 5:04 PM, heavywrecker said:

Just a word of thanks to all the Sages on here for their advice & knowledge. 


I have fitted an RD350 inlet rubber to my TY 175 and it DOES make a difference.


Put some more holes in the airbox too. There is an induction noise now, excellent ! 


Cheers !  :guinness:

Which model RD350 is that from ? The one with the link pipe hole in the top ? 

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