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Inlet Rubber Ty175


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Just a word of thanks to all the Sages on here for their advice & knowledge. 


I have fitted an RD350 inlet rubber to my TY 175 and it DOES make a difference.


Put some more holes in the airbox too. There is an induction noise now, excellent ! 


Cheers !  :guinness:

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The TY175 rubber carby connection to the reed block is offset to the left relative to the reed block, presumably to place the carby further away from the exhaust than if it was straight. As a consequence of the offset built into the rubber part, the inlet path hole in the rubber part does not line up with the inlet path hole in the aluminium reed block. By fitting a rubber connection from an RD350, the holes line up, resulting in less restriction/drag in the inlet.

Further reductions in inlet drag can be gained by fitting a 26mm carby instead of the standard 22mm and using a better breathing airbox

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Another solution is to mount the reeds and manifold of the TY 250, which fit when you widen the recess of the cylinder. You can then mount a slightly bigger carb too. If done so the air box has to be cleaned of the inerta and the foamfilter mounted as a locket to the top.

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I/we have done that modification on my 320 Majesty to put the inlet rubber of the RD 350 on it.It goes straight.Together with a bigger self made alloy airbox it is a totally different bike.

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Read this thread. Bought one used on an auction site for $8/shipped.  Spent 15 minutes taking off the old one and installing this, after some crafty cutting.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT feel and sound.  Seems to want to go up the hill easier now.  It might just be me, but this is FANTASTIC and totally cheap upgrade.  Thanks to all for the great advice!!!


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