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Please Help Me Find A Part For My Dads Rev3


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I was riding my dads 270 rev3 when a crunch was felt/heard followed by a lock up! Anyway after stripping the gearbox we found that the water pump gear retaining pin had dropped out and took out 5th gear (several teeth missing!!!). I have managed to replace all necessary part except one, I cannot locate a 5th gear main shaft anywhere (part 18384918). I have tried Beta U.K. and numerous other U.K. based distributors, I even tried Bosi in Italy with no luck.


Anyway after many calls it turns out Beta are currently looking for a new manufacturer to make these parts hence no one has one.


So here I am desperately trying to find this part, someone must have one somewhere? an old Rev3 Gearbox sat in a box in the garage? a Supplier I hadn't thought of?


The old mans bike has been sat there for nearly two months in bits patiently waiting to be fixed.


Any help at all would be thoroughly appreciated


Cheers Guys


(I believe it is the same part on 250/270s from 2000 to 2008)

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