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Classic Racing....


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Although my main interest is trialling, I'm a bit involved in classic road racing.

My wife runs Spencer Racing, running bikes mostly with the CRMC.

Over the last few years our 1967 Suzuki 200 racer has won the CRMC Classic Ultralightweight Championship 8 times.

This season we'll be putting around 15 bikes out on track, mainly in the Junior Production class with Yamaha 600's.

We're fielding a couple of bikes in the Aircooled 500 class too, both with the CRMC and BHR.

Also running a couple of Honda 125 racers with a new class with BHR.

A bit more info' here... www.spencerracing.co.uk

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I run a Triumph Sprint 1050 on the road and we're just finishing a Norton Commando race bike, this will be out with CRMC and BHR this year.

Got a Phillips Panda for a paddock bike, does that count??


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This is my Garelli 50, I bought it unseen over the 'phone. A chap rang me to say he'd done a house clearance and there was a Garelli moped in the shed and did I want it. I said I'd have it as I love little 2 strokes.

I went to pick it up and found this. Definitely not a moped. A pukka reverse cylinder racing machine.


A bit of research shows it to be a Wooley Bone Garelli 50cc race bike. One of two made by Brian Woolley/Wooley a motorcycle journalist and engineer and Des Bone, who had a motorcycle shop in Nottingham, both of them excelled in the 50cc racing scene in the day.


It's a lovely little thing and next on my list for preparing. 



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       I used to go in to Andy Bones quite a bit in 1972, and they were well into racing then. They had a 50cc Itom at that time, but I remember they were doing a race kit for that Garelli engine in yours, consisting of a big alloy barrel, piston and head, and an expansion chamber which Ray Pettet made for them.

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