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Better Than New ?

marky g

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Wonder why he's selling it ? unsure.gif

Possibly its because he realised that if he took the bike out of his garage and rode it (worse still rode it offroad as it was meant to be used) it would no longer look as pristine as it does and would not be worth the money he spent on rebuilding it.

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My first bike was a Bultaco 350. I bought it in the mid eighties when i was not even a teenager. I remember it being very powerful bike (don't laugh). I used to be able to hook by legs over the bars a pulls wheelies in third and forth gears. It was a complete animal to ride slowly and came off an outfit unit. I has always wondered what tuning kits there are for Bultaco 350?

The bike advertised is in exceptional condition i'm very tempted to bid.

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In my view, EBAY isn't the place to get the best price for selling stuff...it's always a buyers market on EBAY.

Good place to get your machine noticed though :)

Classic mags and classic shows seem to be the place to find decent tack these days, loads of trials bikes for sale at the recent Stafford show.

On another note, what bike do you think will be a classic in years to come from todays stable ?...4rt??

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I agree, ebay is generally a seller's market as some people just get caught up in bidding fever of 'you're not having it, I am'. There is the odd deal to be had as a buyer (just got a very reasonable TYZ for

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Sure did,

The guards were for a restoration and because they were scarce.........they wanted them

TY250 stuff in USA is worth big bucks........whereas we can't see any use for the stuff!

The book was rare and the Rothmans series is very collectable - his wife bought it for a birthday present........

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