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Greeves 1965 Lev 112C


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...and that's certainly Aly Cameron tending to it in the photo.

If memory serves he won the 150cc award in the Scottish, the bike being prepared by Greeves specifically for that purpose. Thereafter he would have been riding a 250 through the year, which would explain the bike now having a 250 motor.

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Fort William’s Allie Cameron won the 150cc cup at the Scottish Six Days no fewer than four times.  He hadn’t competed since the

early 1980s, Allie, known locally as ‘The Beag’ (The small one), was a motor mechanic by trade and worked for Greeves

at Thundersley, looking after the factory’s scramblers and trials machinery.


His first 150cc capacity class win was in 1962 on a Triumph Cub, fitted with a prepared Terrier motor by Meriden’s

Henry Vale.


The following year he was Greeves mounted on a special 150cc machine supplied by the factory and went on to win a further

two capacity cups on the Essex built bikes. 


Allie Beag rode in the Eastern centre when he worked at Thundersley and went practising with Don Smith on many occasions.

He struck up a close friendship with many of the factory ‘stars’ at a time when Greeves was a force to be reckoned with.


I feel sure I have an image of him on LEV in the Offroad Archive

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i would love to see it , i have works dispatch and essex confirmation of registration to invacar (greeves) but need more suporting evidence for restoration and dvla etc , i am 95% sure this is the bike , a pic is the final part for me . thanks

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