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Tr280i Diagnostic Software


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Hi dear any one can send to me a link to get kokusan k scan ? It's not possible to get from Ossa anymore and this is painful !


I can maintain a mirror on my server for anyone that need what Ossa can't deliver (the software and the service ) ! Anyhelp appreciate

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Software now working, I have set throttle up, 1400 rpm idle, tps at 0.61v , done the software reset/learn.

Bike still a bitch to start, I doesnt have the factory easy start, but i have hooked up a 12 Li battery .

I have injection pulse,fuel pressure and spark ,you can kick and kick with no start, then randomly it will start first or second kick.

It will set occasionally set a  P1611 Chassis relay  fault  in history but not in active faults, and all actuator functions work  on test.

Any ideas ?

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I commonly got the chassis relay fault on my Explorer- never seemed to affect anything.

 Make sure you do not touch the throttle when starting- take the slack out of starter and a good strong kick.  

With a 12V battery hooked up with a momentary switch- holding down the switch while kicking started first kick every time warm, 1 or 2 cold. I also ran one step hotter sparking plug, since the factory one was too cold.

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Thanks for the replies, I didnt think the relay code was important but good you confirmed that.

The battery is on a switch , I had 2 of these bikes when they were new , and had no issues starting them.

Converted my second with a Li battery and it was a first/second kick starter.

Im useing NGK 5 range plugs, cant get hotter .

When i enter the page to change fuel ratio the software crashes.

I think ive sorted it now, Injector was dribbling, ran it through the cleaner and bike is lots better.


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Reading the previous posts it looks like you have added a battery assist system for better starting.

Below is a wiring diagram from Birkett Motosport in the UK.  I have fitted this system to my 2015 Tri300 and it has made a huge improvement in starting.

9V Easy Start Wiring Diagram




I have attached a Word document with some photos for clarity.







9 Volt start assist system.docx

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Hey guys,

I am Matthias from Germany and I bougth an OSSA 250 TRi Factory.

My problem is the fan doesn´t run and I think the water temperature sensor is the issue.

Is here somebody can sent me the software and a circuit plan to produce the USB-cable.

thank you

best regards

Matthias Himmelmann

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