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clutch bleeding


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Some help please in case i am doing something wrong as have bleed brakes before but never a clutch. I have a 315r 2002 model, cover says dot4 fluid so think its the correct stuff. 

Went to bleed clutch, took top cover off, attached pipe, Undid nipple, pumped leaver and redid nipple in- between but now have no resistance in lever at all. have taken out plunge pin in cylinder but looks ok. Does it just need bleeding again as it has air in it? and if so as it has no pressure in lever is the only way to do it with a vacuum pump. Am i missing someithing or is it just air?. help please.




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I find if you don't do the full stroke with the lever and look into the reservoir you can see air coming out of the piston cylinder inlet hole.

If you do that a few times resistance may come back as the cylinder is full of oil not air. If you do full strokes with air in in just goes down the pipe.

I have changed a hose at a trial and managed to bleed with this method.

You could try sucking on the end of the pipe attached to bleed nipple but make sure pipe is a clear one and long enough or you chips will be tasting of DOT 4 tonight!!

Maybe set your lever as horizontal as possible to get as much fluid in the reservoir to cover the hole.

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