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Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory


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looking for a manual on my new bike. I most likely can go without one but would be nice to have if anyone has a link or PDF file.

things that I would like to double check are: transmission oil capacity and proper way to change. shock and fork adjustments,

riding mode?? supposedly the bike has a riding mode switch etc...   Thanks 


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Who is your dealer? That's the place to start asking. Those bikes just got to RYP a week and a half ago and were shipped out to the dealers.  My '18 Scorpa 125 Factory got to the Tryals Shop last week.  I've ridden it twice and haven't even looked at the owners manual yet. On my '17 Scorpa, the manual was for a '16 and not very comprehensive.

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My dealer is Stu from Jacks Cycles. Great guy but I like to research and figure out things just for the fun of it. Its always nice to know well what you have in hands.

The gas gas GP manual gives very vague info on suspension! the trans oil capacity Stu told me to start with 400 cc.

here is where I stand: I notice that my Reiger shock is a bit different than  models I found online. Tech fork is all figured out. I found a link on rideFormula.com.

On 1/16/2018 at 1:48 PM, oni nou said:

Yes that's a Sherco Factory........Try www.shercousa.com Ryan Young is the USA Sherco importer so he would be the authority on that as he has links to the Sherco factory. Google or any search engine will take you to the importer of a bike in your country where usually there will be downloads and information available also try www.sherco.es the official manufacturers site they may have information. A 2017 GasGas GP has Tech fork and Reiger shock adjustments shown in the owners manual at gasgas.es  

Go to www.splatshop.co.uk CLIC Performance   CLIC Suspension  CLIC Reiger trials shocks and scroll down to find a description of the shock and its adjustments..........Am I your secretary or what........your bike needs a google switch nevermind a riding switch mode.

sent an email to Ryan few days ago. waiting on answer

Gas gas manual is very vague about suspension adjustments.

the Splat shop link has a Reiger that is a bit different than mine. Mine does not have 4 adjustments.  it does not have the bottoming reboud, hydra stop and high speed compression adjustments. it looks like this specific model only has one adjustment

No idea yet of manufacture volume for Trans oil. Stu told me 400cc thats all i have for now.

Tech forks are figured out. there is a great link at rideformula.com


Thanks for your help


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5 minutes ago, heffergm said:

FWIW, with the 4-way shock, your best bet is to not touch anything :) It's really easy to make it work like crap. This is why I tend to prefer the two way these days... less to mess up.

I think I have a 3 way. lol     Reiger is a little lame on their tech info. supposedly they don't want anyone touching their shocks but certified people. I m not necessarily changing anything without a lot of riding first, but I would like to understand and know how it adjusts.

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2 minutes ago, heffergm said:

This link you sent is for the 4 way adjustment shock. Not the one I have in my bike. You and I prob have the same is called a 3 way I believe. (I can only see one adjustment though), maybe they re counting the spring spanner as a second adjustment and in this case I just need to find the 3rd one . lol   Let me flip the bike upside down

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16 minutes ago, heffergm said:

Mystery solced. There is a star shape adjustment behind the purple adjustment that can be seen on the bottom. I m still not sure which one does what since I cant find tech info on it. I ll ask later on the general forum! Our shocks are mounted upside down compared to the one in the link that is mounted on a gas gas.

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14 hours ago, oni nou said:

Yes unfortunately Sherco are pathetic with their manuals never seen anything that poor but then they probably do not think they need to bother as the motor is pretty much the same as previous years even if it does now have a diaphragm clutch it should need the same oil amount in the gearbox which is as they state 450cc  look in a 2016 owners manual at shercousa.com...  I would have thought that a 2 way adjustable is a spring preload with a rebound adjuster ....a 3 way would be that and also include an adjuster for extension damping as shown in the GasGas manual  one adjuster being at the top of the shock and one being at the bottom as shown in the picture.

If your Reiger only has one adjuster then it probably is rebound or rebound/extension combined so just turn it one way then the other and feel the difference by hopping the back wheel about.and make a note of how many clics/turns you move it from the original setting....simple. When it comes to suspension the only setting that matters is the one that you prefer not a setting stated in a manual.

Your bike has a Reiger 2 way shock in the Sherco spec sheet  that is described by Reiger as adjustable in rebound and spring preload only ...no manual needed then.

I have identified the Reiger shock.  Sherco is using  the 2011 Raga model mounted upside down in comparison to the Gas Gas. 

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