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Where to Spectate - with my young lad!


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It's hard to say until the routes are out, but you'll find at least one spot every day you can get to without too much hassle. Most of the popular sections are easy to get to, but you may have to park a bit away depending on when you get there. The programme is normally pretty good at telling you where to go.

On the subject of routes, last year each day's route was published on the SSDT website on the morning of that day. It was a bad idea which I have to take the blame for as it made it hard for those heading up through the week in planning their trip and deciding where to go. It won't be repeated this year.

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Look at routes, on a daily basis and all the info is in the excellent programme (which can be bought at parc ferme or shops on FW high street)

I generally pick one in a morning, maybe one at lunch (if they are close together) and one at about 2-3pm

Some days you can 3-4 sections in, other days maybe only one in morning and one in afternoon

I usually park at least 0.5 to 1 mile away from a section and walk in, to avoid parking hassles..........however with a 5 year old this may not be possible, so get to a section early, park close and take something to amuse him, as you might have a wait for the bikes

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I should have the routes later this week and they'll be published on the SSDT site straight away (well after I've dicked about for ages getting the various pages put together). The whole week will be published at once and a week in advance of the Trial. :thumbup:

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