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Pinky Pics

marky g

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Cheers for that Andy, it's been a while since I've posted any pics...have a good un over xmas :hat:


Lovely bike, was that a nut and bolt rebuild? and are they still competitive these days?

Hi fivemeister,

Stripped all cycle parts down, plastic coated the frame, new tyres, mudguards, seat unit, handlebars etc etc.

Just replaced the little end and piston rings in the motor as everything seemed in very good order there.

I do plan to do some work on the engine after I've done a years worth of trials on it in 06 ;)

It'll be competitive enough for the riding I do these days :D, always nice if I can beat a more modern bike on the same route though ;)

merry xmas guys

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Yeah marky, very nice mono!, Well done. That must have taken a while to get it so good, tracking down parts etc.

If my fantic turns out half as good, i'll be delighted. (If it turns out at all, i'll be surprised!!)

Don't know about you, but i find it extremely satisfying taking an old negleced bike and restoring it to it's former glory. Find it almost theraputic!

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What Fantic have you got ? my mates just done up a 240 T/S, nice bikes.

I have a 240 which is currently in a million bits! I have grafted on a later disc braked front end from (i think) a 241. Am currently waiting to get the frame sprayed, and intend putting modern footpags on it, and if i can find an alloy swingarm/ rear end with a disc brake, which fits, i will get that on too, with twin shock mounts. The standard brakes are appalling!, even with new brake shoes, clean drums etc.

I havn't started on the motor yet. It needs big ends etc, but hopefully will get going during the holidays.

These things are contagious, i have just bought another!! (200 this time, which needs plenty of work/ parts)

Good luck with the Yam!!

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Well done Marky G, I see you have used the original tail can, I have two of these in excellent outward order, but of course they are knackered inside. Did you repair the innards?

I was loath to throw mine out. One was taken from my own bike (1989 TYR) and the other came from a friends bike.

Rememeber, I have that prestine 4GG TYZ workshop/owners manual here if you ever need a copy!


Big John

I must admit John I've got a WES 'go' silencer on order (been waiting 2 months!), the original one is still in very good nick and does still sound quite so I'll leave it one until the WES comes.

The bike feels very nice to ride now I've got used to the footrest / H/bar position after riding modern tack...found it really good on muddy / greasy climbs in the trial today...just back that throttle off and feed in again and it's grips for ever.

To be honest on the route I ride these days it's just the job :santawink: the only downside is I know of another one going for

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Lovely bike, was that a nut and bolt rebuild? and are they still competitive these days?

Saw it in action this weekend. Looks lovely, sounds lovely. I never had a Yam mono, I was always Fantic, so don't have a built in affinity for them, but I did have a little twinge when I saw this one. Loverrrly job.

In answer to your question "are they still competitive these days?". Not until Mark sells it. It's a shame, but on the plus side, it's lovely to see an old man enjoying himself no matter what :rolleyes:

Sorry Mark, you couldn't expect me to be complimentary all the way through eh me dear? :santa1:

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Thanks there BS...don't worry mate I was waiting for the punch line (nice one) ;)

Are you riding the S/Shrops event on the 2nd??...apparantly you will have to ride for either SS or Briedden hills :rolleyes:....wells has been on the phone and managed to get hold of Dougie Lampkin, Graham Jarvis and if he's passing fugigas........oh, I think the other lot have Roy Danby or someone :hyper:

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