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Pinky Pics

marky g

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In answer to your question "are they still competitive these days?". Not until Mark sells it.
rofl.gifrofl.gifrofl.gif ( nice bike though Mark - top job you done on it )
Are you riding the S/Shrops event on the 2nd??...apparantly you will have to ride for either SS or Briedden hills ....wells has been on the phone and managed to get hold of Dougie Lampkin, Graham Jarvis and if he's passing fugigas.

Bloody ell! they must be worried to get that much talent into their team. :madsanta: Buzz must be worried that he aint up to the job!! :rolleyes:

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Actually a guy here in Canada makes them, about $80 cdn. I think that may be around 30-40 pounds. The best thing is they bolt on or off in seconds with no mods to the bike. I was wondering if you had a source for the original tank decals, I've been looking for years. Jeff

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Q Actually a guy here in Canada makes them, about $80 cdn. I think Q

Can you give me a contact for him? I am 6-1 tall, really hunched over in the old style poor posture and toomuch weight on arms/front end when I ride the TY350. Pegs will be lowered an inch or two, and maybe a bit ahead. I'd like to move the bars ahead more onto the pivot c/l also but not sure how they feel when raised up that much. How do you like it? tks, kcj

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My god, nice to see some pics of my old mono, sold it about two years ago when I packed trials up.

I'm getting a twitch to strart up again though but not sure which way to go yet, my mate has got a pinky for sale but I quite fancy another SY 250......decisions decisions


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