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  1. Same is true with women...
  2. Where did you get the hall throttle assemblies? I am struggling to get my daughters fixed, lights come on with the key but when the throttle is twisted it doesn't go. Replaced the pot, relay, and tested all my connections. I wonder how one would go about testing the controller? Between that and the throttle those are the only two things left that could be bad... Oh I hooked a lipo directly up to the motor and it turned fine, so not the brushes either... Thanks for any insight/help guys. Devin
  3. 10-4 I understand what you are saying, but that motor comes in 96v and at 25.6v it will only put out 2500w. I fly giant scale airplanes on electric, I know all about lipo's Love A123's and LifePo4's for their stable, safe characteristics. I'd feel like father of the year if a lipo detonated while my daughter was riding her 16.0
  4. Definitely going brushless on my daughter's 16.0. Thought I'd try out the Golden Motors 10,000w system on 25.6v of LifePo4 batteries which ARE the best chemistry on the market. Highest discharge rating, fastest charging, and will deliver mo' power than an Energizer Bunny on crack (Pardon the cliche). Here is a link to the motor... Battery Link
  5. Tell you what, send it to me and I'll get er runnin' for you I'd try the new plug, fresh gas, drain the float bowl, turn the gas on, and it'll come back to life. If not one of the jets are probably gunked up.
  6. That's a gag!! Looks like a TY175 engine they put chrome back in the cylinder to make a 125...?? Good grief!! Thing looks molested!! Hopefully the rider came out OK!
  7. HAM2 send me your address and I'll mail you all the mud you want!! Bloody muddy NW...
  8. flynz4me

    New Ossa

    I was wondering about the rear wheel/exhaust box interference as well, and the progressively snappier rear end when the box heats up the shock... Maybe they shielded it somehow or will shield it before release to the Joe Q public... Love the fact that I have a good amount of time to save for it/ get a third job!!! Love, love. love the bike!!!
  9. I'd be interested in the link to the bar risers as well. I'm 6'2 and I'm using ATV bars right now to get the right height Thanks for any info! Devin
  10. Just wanted to take a moment and say "Hey" and introduce myself. I'm 28 year old Devin Byerley, a ME tech at Xerox in Oregon, and a n00b to moto-trials. I have a Monty Mod trials bicycle that I have been thoroughly enjoying and just picked up a 1986 Yamy TY350. I grew up on a TY250 dual rear shocker and the 350 will be my first monoshock moto-trials bike. Glad to be here!! Devin
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