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Tubeless tire leaking air trial

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54 minutes ago, KompeMax said:

My back trial tire leaks air 

What can it be? 

Could be a lot of things... a lot of older bikes have a rim strip that might need cleaning or replacing and if so I would suggest considering a smear of RVT sealant around the edges to help.

could be the valve stem has a leak in the valve core or crack if the valve core replacement should fix it, of stem is cracked it’s a pull the tire job to replace or find one of those quickStem replacements. 

You could have a torn bead on the tire, or a poorly fitting tire as there has been a few reports of some tires not working with some wheels.

theres a few possible things.

good luck 

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2 hours ago, greychapel said:

bath of water should show where its leaking



wack the pressure uo to like 40 psi plus put it in clean (ish) soapy water and rotate - you should then see a stream of bubbles from the point of failure. the answer to this will guide you on how to fix it - could be cracked rim, leaking spoke/rim tape, the valve, the seat of the tubeless tyre on the rim or even just a puncture

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