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Enfield bullet works replica gearbox required


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Im trying to locate and buy a Royal Enfield bullet 4 speed Albion gearbox as fitted to the works bikes.

I think the gearbox is the same as they fitted in the early 50’s trials and road bikes, recognisable by the separate (higher up) gear change lever.

The bike I have was probably made from a late 50’s road bullet and so is fitted with the later wide gearbox, and I find it unsuitable for trials.

If anyone can advise me as to where I might find a gearbox and what I should expect to pay I will be very appreciative.

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Hi - 

I have a 1960 (road) Bullet - a long-term project for which I have struggled to find correct front fork parts......I am reliably informed theyv'e all been snapped up by the pre-65 Trialers !

Your chances of finding a complete and correct, ready-to-use gearbox assy. (or one in any sort of condition, come to that), I would estimate at zero or less - but what do I know..?

First port-of-call for anything Royal Enfield has to be Hitchcock's Motorcycles Ltd.,  although I suspect you already know this.   

A picture speaks a 1000 words, it's said  - any chance of seeing your bike and/or the present gearbox ?



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Hitchcocks tried to tell me the works bike had specially made gearboxes, I know this to be untrue as the fitted the same type box in some road bikes albeit with different gearing.

Hitchcocks are great with Indian built stuff but have pretty sketchy knowledge/ records of British stuff, however they do regularly have older parts in stock but it’s difficult to make them understand what exactly I need without registration numbers, frame numbers and part numbers.

pretty damn frustrating ?

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That particular gearbox was used on Bullet 1949-1954. Older gearboxes were different and later are of the wide type.

Works bikes perhaps had a different gearing inside?

You can use a small engine sprocket to lower the gearing but kick starting will be heavy.

If you use crankshaft axle p/n 32309 it is not very difficult to make your own single chain engine sprockets but you probably need a special clutch for the same chain size

I am not sure but I think gears inside are the same pre-55 and 55+. Must be checked.

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That is the narrow engine and gearbox. That´s good. As far as I know any bullet frame will fit. Post 1955 frames are prefered by many but should be narrowed around the seat. I think you also can tuck in the engine/gearbox in a Crusader frame.

For ground clearence the oil filter extension at the timing cover can be cut away.

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