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1965 M10 original throttle


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Can anyone out there tell me what type of throttle (twistgrip) would have come on the first M10's that came out early 1965 (frame/mtr #117). When I bought the bike it had a plastic Amal look a like.  As far as I can see in old period photos they appear to be an Amal with metal/chromed body (possibly #364-?) but there is no way to tell if they were original. 

   Also does anyone have an original handle bar with the welded perches that could give me some of the measurements-height, width perch angle-?

Thanks and Happy New Year 

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I seem to recall that the early models were fitted with a all metal, chrome finished Amal Type 16 throttle. Bear in mind the original would have been more than likely manufactured in Spain.


I recall we couldn't sell them for love nor money as everyone wanted the right angled twist grip which had been available for a number of years at this stage. There was also a rubber shroud available to tidy it up and weatherproof it.


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Larry - 

I feel fairly sure that the original twistgrip would have been Spanish  Amal - not  # 364 (a roadbike type) , nor type 16 - at least , not the type 16 listed by Burlen..............

 (quote)  "which has a high quality polished aluminium finish rather than the original chromed Mazak"   also hints at the latter material being the earlier. 

Polished alumimium ? And with a price tag of £71.82 ?  Whaa ??  Sounds  much more like a fancy road bike repop than a trials bike offering to me.

Anyway, while going through the shed in the summer (seems a lifetime ago now), looking for a Doherty twistgrip which I didn't find, I managed to turn up something like

ten others of various makes and types, including :-


Two Spanish Amal (Mazak)  t/grips, a plastic one (like yours ?) all removed from Bultacos , and a Doherty with stripped threads -the one that I was hoping to replace.

 A feature of Spanish Amal twistgrips is that the cable entry to the drum is slotted and direct (definitely NO loose ferrule to drop out and lose.


My Sherpa 4-speed parts list (a Sammy Miller copy) lists handlebars (part #10.01-019) but no twistgrip, unfortunately.


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