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Fantic 200 Jumping out of first gear


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On occasion my Fantic 200 rear kick jumps out of bottom gear.

I have been advised it's likely to be the spring holding the location bearing under the selector drum.

I have stripped the engine and removed the gear cluster and inspected all components, no obvious damage , gears and dogs are sound and no selector fork damage.

I wish to replace the spring in case it's worn , but how do I find a replacement, does any one have a spec or a source, I believe there is no official stock left

Any suggestions






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On 1/7/2019 at 10:39 AM, teamferret said:

Try a washer or two under the spring which will increase the rate. Frank Pye and bod Wright are the fantic dealers.

Bill Pye at Great Ayton - 01642 722378

Bob Wright isn't doing Fantic stuff anymore.


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Rather than a few washers you could use a small piece of round bar. This would be the same o.d. as the spring. Adding a squirt of silicon sealant into the spring increase the pressure on the detent ball a tiny amount, sounds like a bodge but it can work. Best off with a new spring. Have you checked the gearbox shaft support bearings? Let us know your findings?

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