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Fiat doblo (van)


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Fiat Doblo and Citroen Berlingo are pretty much the same thing in both van and car versions. There’s also a Peugeot variant, but only a van I think. I started out looking for a van but then discovered that the same money bought me a lower mileage car, with a petrol engine, and no-one had mixed concrete in the back. I only carry one bike in my Blingo, but I think it would take two as demonstrated by the OP.

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I'm thinking about the USA version (Ram Pro Master City). All versions are petrol and the car version (we call it a wagon) is more expensive than the van. I have to also carry an enduro bike at times and that will be a squeeze. Does the headliner in the car version, take up a lot of head room? I've only seen vans.

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I’ve not done a direct comparison but I imagine the headlining does steal a bit of space. I find my handlebars just clear when upright and straight, but as soon as I turn the steering I have to lean the bike out a bit. My headlining is not quite as pristine as it once was.?

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