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2019 NETA schedule

dan williams

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Here's what I have from the annual New England Trials Association meeting yesterday. I'll correct as I get more info.

April 14th RITC Trials School Exeter RI.

May 5th King Philip Trail Riders, Trials Wrentham MA. Wayne Galvin

May 19th Meriden Motorcycle Club, Meriden CT.

June 9th Springfield Motorcycle Club, Brimfield MA. Leo O’Shea

June 23rd Stateline Riders, Hoosick NY. Max Parkes

August 11th RITC, Exeter RI.

Sept 7th & 8th Green Mountain Plonkers, Richmond VT. Denver Wilson, Tom Butland

Sept 22nd RITC, Exeter RI. Joe Antonelli

Sept 29th Meriden Motorcycle Club, Meriden CT.

Oct 12th & 13th CATRA, Northville NY

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Berwick event pulled from schedule
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I saw that on the NETA web site Sunday morning, I was looking forward to that event as I have relative in the area and we where planning to go, but after 20 years of putting up the event I understand the organiser.


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Hey Dan ; I may make a trek to new England this summer  , with my faithful Fantic in tow … By any chance does my childhood HERO Don Sweet ever come out and play any more ? Yeah I grew up in  NE. in the early 70's! Don and a another young guy from new York I think battled year in and out for the championship . I wouldn't have been able to ride a lot of events if not for  Don and  his Dad helping  my Mom get my bike back on the trailer … Great memories of learning how to ride emulating the king of smooth !

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Don’s been riding as a minder for his grandkids I think but yeah he’s definitely still around at the NY, CT events and just as smooth as always. Still looks like he’s in his forties and in better shape than any of the rest of us. It’s just not fair I tell ya!

Thinking about it the other guy competing with Donnie was probably Mike Komer or Jack Stites.

Mike owns the Tryals Shop in NY. I just read that Jack passed away in August. 

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