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Beta Evo left fork spring stuck...urgent


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I had exactly the same problem yesterday I even rang lampkins and they said it should just pull out , in the end I got a really small screw driver and prized it down the side of the bush then got a set of pointy nose pliers and yanked it out , took a lot of force though

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Just had same problem with this nylon bush on my 2014 250. Managed to get it out using a blind hole bearing puller as suggested in previous comment, then spent an hour sanding it down to reduce diameter so it would slide inside leg. I cant believe how bad a fit this is,Beta should supply a replacement bush free off charge. Very poor quality control, they must have had to hammer it into place on assembly it was that hard to get out. No wonder the pre load adjustment didnt work.

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I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd update. Changing seals again on same forks, bushing still stuck on spring side fork. This time I heated the tube around the bush with a heat gun (not enough to melt the nylon bush of course), once warmed I pushed on the top of the tube with a block of wood, bottom of fork also resting on wood block. One nice satisfactory clunk later and the bushing was out, easy peasy. I had previously tried banging down onto the block but that didn't work, the simple push was the way.

Hope this may be of help to someone else sometime.

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On 3/27/2020 at 9:26 PM, mcoulson said:

To get the plastic bush out, warm up the fork slider - the bush will come out really easily.

Ha ha, just noticed your post mcoulson, should have looked first! Anyway, confirmation that it was a great suggestion ?

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Glad I came across this thread last night as I had the same problem. I was reluctant to try and force the spacer out encase I broke or damaged it, I can remember it coming out fine last time I changed the oil so assumed I'd missed undoing something as there was no movement at all. After reading the comments here (many thanks) I knew it was just stuck due to expansion so needed to be forced out. In the end I turned the fork upside down, put the end on the floor and pushed hard on the spring shaft and out it popped. I have now sanded the spacer down, had to take a fair amount off to get it to fit easily in the slider but working as it should now.   

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