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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gas-Gas-GasGas-TXT-Pro/184662834929
  2. mcoulson


    The allen bolt, to the top right of the top hat, in the photo has a cammed adjuster, used for fine tuning gear selection. I'm sorry, but I can't remember which way to turn it for the different gear selection problems. Maybe someone else can provide info on this.
  3. When CDI went on mine, it backfired badly. Clean the pick up first as they can also rust.
  4. To get the plastic bush out, warm up the fork slider - the bush will come out really easily.
  5. Splatshop sell Ohlins for the 2020 Beta. Give them a try - highly recomended.
  6. There is an inner aluminium spacer between the two wheel bearings. It will pry to one side enough to start tapping out the bearings.
  7. Hi, make sure you have inserted the long end if the return spring into the correct opening in the crankcase. I believe there are two, one is specifically for the spring, and I think the other is an oilway opening. Haven't done one for a while, so all this is off top of my head, sorry I didn't do the research!
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