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Kuberg challenger 24 vs Oset 24

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hi all. I am fairly confident that i was not the only Oset owner wondering how the Kuberg challenger 24" compared. All of the media outlets in the uk give different specs for the bike and no one seemed to know the difference between the challenger 24" and the 20" so even comparing wheel sizes was near impossible. Well i have gotten my hands on one and i want to give people the information that has been missing so they can make an informed choice. I have, in-fact, seen one of these bikes before. and it was tiny, i couldn't understand how they were marketing these bikes at adults at that size. The wheels were tiny 19" bike trials wheels, the bars were narrow, swing arm minute and sat a little smaller than the oset 20 racing. After calling many dealers, all i was told was that the wheels are bigger, but no one could actually say how much bigger, or if there were any other differences. so to correct the false information or lack of, here is a quick run down. 

Battery - 16.8 ah 48v nominal, Lipo.

Motor - sealed BLDC with D-shaft drive and heat sink casing.

controller - 8 kw peak. 


19" MC front, (19 x 2.75 with Kenda tyre)

16" MC rear, (16 x 3.50 with Kenda tyre)

Differences between 20" and 24" challenger are: wider handlebar, longer swing arm, much bigger wheels and 203mm rotor on the rear.

The most obvious differences to the Oset 24r: Lighter, far lighter. the engineering of the rear end is far above the Oset in terms of how the swing arm attaches, the chain guide and tension-er system actually work, fitted with snail cams and a more robust axle assembly. The Domino throttle feels stronger than the Oset one and the horrible free-play at the end isnt there on the Kuberg.

That is the most obvious things and should also address the lack of information. i will add measurements at some point this weekend and i intend to take the Oset and Kuberg out this weekend for an head to head.

If anyone would like any more info please ask.

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Tried one a while ago, biggest difference riding it was the brushless motor, no engine braking, it was like you’d pulled clutch in, much smoother power delivery and better components. 

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what are the dimensions of the motor they use. i.e diameter and length.

engine braking is a function of the controller, not because is the motor is brushless

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