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  1. Is that a JC Penny screwdriver at the top?
  2. Been here for a few years too. It's interesting to read about the things the other side of the pond have to deal with.
  3. If Roger will send the o-rings in a letter envelope taped to a piece of paper it would only cost $1.30 postage. I would contact him about this option.
  4. If you look close, there appears to be a cutout for a cable in the lever. Maybe it's a clutch or brake lever with safety or brake light switch. Here
  5. Contact Mid Atlantic Trials. Index (mid-atlantictrials.com) He sells them set up for most bikes.
  6. I'll answer my question. There is a snap ring that holds the rebound stop in the fork leg that came out if it's groove. When this happens, the damper cartridge is the only thing holding the forks together. I snapped the bottom end of the cartridge off when reinstalling it. Probably from stress from riding without the snap ring. I would suggest if you find it knocking when lifting the handlebars, stop riding and check the snap ring. Here is a video of teardown and reassemble of the fork. It doesn't show everything, but is a good guide.
  7. Figured you mud lovers would like these videos of Sunday. An inch of rain the night before.
  8. Has anyone had to work on the forks? Were you able to get service info and parts info? I'm getting a hard knock when the front wheel comes up. Happened twice when pushing down. Might be low on oil.
  9. Contact Roger at Mid Atlantic Trials. He is the US distributer for OKO and sells them set up for your bike. http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/
  10. It's pre 1978 because it doesn't have the frame tubes to protect the cases.
  11. To fix the throttle on the Oset is easy. You take the cover off where the wire for the hall sensor goes in. Best to spin it up to the top for access. The cover is the throttle stop. Put a small, 1/16" or less spacer in the throttle tube groove. No more play. You may have to try it a few time to get the right size. If too big you could always shave some off the stop.
  12. The battery is 8 1/4" long x 7 1/2" wide x 6 1/4" high. 2" above for connections.
  13. If the throttle is the same as the 24R, you can put a piece of plastic in the groove in the throttle tube. this will take up the play in the throttle. You just remove the cap where the wires go in to access. The cap is the throttle stop.
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