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  1. If you have electric in the garage, you could put a plastic tarp over the bike with a low watt bulb to provide heat to the battery.
  2. Finally got around to making a new kickstand and mounting bracket. Now I don't have to worry about a gust of wind blowing it over. Also, at my weight (165 lbs), I put a lighter spring on the shock and in the fork. Traction is much improved.
  3. But the smell of that ink was intoxicating. I remember in grade school, everyone was smelling the freshly printed tests.
  4. Could the battery cables be corroded inside and limiting the power so the controller thinks the battery is low?
  5. You don't realize how much abuse the side of a tank can get from your knees. It can develop unseen cracks, then eventually leak. My 348 had that problem.
  6. I think Oset has replacement ends. You might want to have someone check the battery too.
  7. I got the 17" wheel and tire. The tire is radial and works pretty good at 3.5 PSI. Any lower and it wants to come off the rim. Grip isn't as good as a real, soft trials tire, but manageable. Depending on your weight, you might want to go to lighter springs.
  8. They look like Moog shocks my brother had on his RM 250 in the 70's. Don't have any more info.
  9. it's not too bad once you get used to it. After about two years I kind of use the hand brake like a clutch.
  10. That is about what the Oset can do. It all depends on speed.
  11. The Oset has a shorter wheelbase than a gas bike and is lighter. Mine with the larger rear wheel and tire weighs about 110 lbs. Very easy to move around in the tight stuff. As long as you don't do much wide open riding, the battery will last a good 10 miles or more.
  12. The batteries should last about 1000 charges. It is easy to change, held in with Velcro. Threaded connector. I changed mine during an event. Just riding around slow and riding sections, the battery will last an afternoon. Full throttle riding drains it faster.
  13. That is what I'm wondering. The GasGas site says it's a 32TC 5/14, 1.85 x 17 VeeRubber tire. VeeRubber doesn't have a number like that.
  14. oldtrialer

    Tires on 80cc

    Does anyone have or know someone that has a newer GasGas 80? They have a 3.50-17 rear tire. The spec sheet shows a Veerubber model number that doesn't show up on their website. I was wondering if they are special tires for GasGas and are they softer than the Veerubber VRM308.
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