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  1. Contact Roger at Mid Atlantic Trials. He is the US distributer for OKO and sells them set up for your bike. http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/
  2. It's pre 1978 because it doesn't have the frame tubes to protect the cases.
  3. To fix the throttle on the Oset is easy. You take the cover off where the wire for the hall sensor goes in. Best to spin it up to the top for access. The cover is the throttle stop. Put a small, 1/16" or less spacer in the throttle tube groove. No more play. You may have to try it a few time to get the right size. If too big you could always shave some off the stop.
  4. The battery is 8 1/4" long x 7 1/2" wide x 6 1/4" high. 2" above for connections.
  5. If the throttle is the same as the 24R, you can put a piece of plastic in the groove in the throttle tube. this will take up the play in the throttle. You just remove the cap where the wires go in to access. The cap is the throttle stop.
  6. Was it to hold the seat on without the rubber straps? Didn't have that on mine. Maybe added?
  7. If you have electric in the garage, you could put a plastic tarp over the bike with a low watt bulb to provide heat to the battery.
  8. Finally got around to making a new kickstand and mounting bracket. Now I don't have to worry about a gust of wind blowing it over. Also, at my weight (165 lbs), I put a lighter spring on the shock and in the fork. Traction is much improved.
  9. But the smell of that ink was intoxicating. I remember in grade school, everyone was smelling the freshly printed tests.
  10. Could the battery cables be corroded inside and limiting the power so the controller thinks the battery is low?
  11. You don't realize how much abuse the side of a tank can get from your knees. It can develop unseen cracks, then eventually leak. My 348 had that problem.
  12. I think Oset has replacement ends. You might want to have someone check the battery too.
  13. I got the 17" wheel and tire. The tire is radial and works pretty good at 3.5 PSI. Any lower and it wants to come off the rim. Grip isn't as good as a real, soft trials tire, but manageable. Depending on your weight, you might want to go to lighter springs.
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