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Trials rules and flags.


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Hello all  

Just a thought about marking out really with the traditional Red on you right blue on your left and green and yellow flags.   
I’ve  always found this odd when FIM sections are so much easier to read being one colour for your route arrowed to go between them  and even have a no entry ️ on the back.  

I ride clubman and 50/50 so have to change between red/blue green/yellow  if required mid route which makes it even more difficult to get it right.  
As for using yellow and green flags so many people find it hard to see these colours on the ground blending into it.   
so is it not easier to change to FIM type marking being a white square with a coloured arrow on it? also letting good younger riders progress Better getting used to FIM standards.

My other query is  finding out after years of assuming this is a FIVE! And found out it only a Three! ? So I always thought putting both feet down either side of the bike is a 5 but reading the rules it’s a 3 which is nuts because you not transferring any weight through the bike.  
but then I found out one foot on the bike        (still transferring weight) and one foot/leg crossing the centre of the bike to the same side is a FIVE!!  
So I can sit in the bike paddle and foot though for a 3 using no skill   Or still be technically balancing on the bike with weight through a least one peg still using skill  it’s a 5   

think it’s a bit bonkers really    

is this correct? What’s people thoughts? 

P.s not acu bashing just find it baffling ??‍♂️


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The custom printing for gate markers such as the FIM uses is not insignificant (it's what our club uses). The in the ground flag type setups I see in Britain cost pennies and they're easily reused, so I would imagine cost is the primary factor. 


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 The rules are in the ACU book each member has access to, knowing  them  is down to the rider ! As for flags well thats why you walk a section see were the flags are again down to the rider  , Strange how some riders manage to know the rules and manage to get the flags right. I really dont see how or what type of section markers will ever make to a riders progress At the end of day its all down to the rider to know were there going and the rules .Im sure the clubs  would love a donation of FIM markers from you 

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a) markers / flags - every centre (21+) seams to have its own way of marking out, with their own colour systems. mine (south east) think they are right and have no desire to change, the other 20 have their own ideas and also think they are right. the scenario you desrive has (only!) 3 routes, we run 3 to 4 with people telling me of places running at least 5. we struggle with white on silver birch trees, the blue can either be too dark (dark trees) or too light (bright sky). Green has never caught on down here (we use the trees) but i understand it works well in rock land. stacey's (a supplier) make the numbers (and paper cards) in 5 colours (white, blue, red, yellow and green) but other stuff would be possible.

regards the markers themselves, in an ideal world what you describe (the FIM method of a triangle on a background) sounds/seams best but each club will have its own pile of markers made of various diffrent things (various threads on them on here) - ie sunk cost. the york survey flags are really cheap and easy to carry and place (we carry round {a lot!} wooden pegs and hammers), to an extent it would make some clubs marking out harder.

b) dismount / ballet - A quick look through the rules (TSR 22, reasons for failure), the dismount is clearly defined. What acrobatics / ballet you perform is OK as long as you don't touch the ground/trees/et. If i understand you one foot on a peg and the other on the seat? - this is a very common sidecar manourver (especailly in pre65), driver get one foot in the chair with the other on the seat.

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