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2012 TTX air filter to carb


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Guys I’ve totally strip and clean the entire bike today after. Picking it yesterday 

question is : the airbox joining the carb through body work I’ve undone all the body work screws to lift off rear body work and tail  section  

ive undone the rubber link hose to air side of the delorto carb and lift it away! ?

right re fitting in reverse : is there or should there be a rubber on the back of the carb that fits inside the rubber link tube to the air box if you tighten up the jubilee clip on this link pipe is looks to small and water and crap could get in this gap I will try and up load a pic 

should there be the iteam in the second pic fixed to the carb then into the link hose and then tightened up 


thank you 

I also don’t have the square plate thing in front of the rubber part ether 



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Yes the rubber piece circled in the picture fits on the carb and the airbox boot fits over it. The plate you mentioned slides over the airbox boot and unless you took the boot off the airbox is still there. It's the backing plate for the air filter metal mount in the air box.


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You should not have to tighten the band clamp/jubilee clip so that the boot has to distort and fold in on itself in order to form the seal .There needs to be a rubber/plastic spacer which mates the OD of the carb inlet to the ID of the airbox boot.(and that's the part you circled in yellow).

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When you reassemble it ensure that the carb to air box boot is fitted correctly at the carb .Its not unknown for it to be sucking air at the back where it's hard to see if it's fitted correctly 

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