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Introduction and question


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Hi :)

I have come apon a 350t. It is abit of a mutt but it looks usable as a play bike. 

I'm trying to get it started. Carb has been taken of and cleaned.  When kicking I get abit of a back fire but that's it. 

I want to go through the ignition. Where is the condensor located . Is it located with the points ?

thanks in advance


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Unless its been modified the condenser lives next to the contact breakers (points). These are behind the flywheel. Check that the contact breakers are not stuck open they tend to stick if left for long periods. If the ignition had been modified then the condenser may have been relocated, usually under the fuel tank and mounted to the frame.

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Looks like a standard half-moon Woodruff Key.   Unless it's been metricated, it could be a standard 1/8 inch width.   I have known some people that could make their own, out of mild steel bar.   Try to clean up the gaulled shaft taper, and flywheel...    At least you now know why it was backfiring..



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Found a new woodruff key. Got it timed as close to spec as I could.  Got a new condensor and relocated under the tank. 

Bike is now a runner.  A little iffy but the gas is very old. Fresh gas and plug is next on the agenda

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