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yes or no to rimlock?


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If your drilling the rim to fit the locks, check where the join is as you obviously don't want to drill there. Good wheel builders generally put the joint opposite the valve hole. Most people run 2 locks on the rear, but 1 is fine. Choose the position carefully to give as much space as possible for the nut/spanner.

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You must have one in a tubed tyre at low pressures, when riding green lanes with the TRF I've seen loads of guys lower their pressures and then without rim locks, wheel spin everywhere eventually ripping the valve out, even when they'd previously seated the bead on the rim. It's not worth it ruining your day, put one in!

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I would also suggest using two in the rear wheel and one in the front. It can be difficult to stop tyres moving on the rim on some bikes,my AJS rigid uses Dunlop chromed rimes and IRC rear tyres are very keen to move on them. I cut a section of a worn out tyre to use on the rim to see how well the rimlock could clamp the tyre. Some rimlocks are a waste of space,the ones I have now seem much better,but for the life of me I can't remember what make they are...

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