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Tubeliss Dual Chamber anyone tried it?


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I have used them on my trail bikes, for general riding and for LDTs, for several years. I first started importing them from the USA (before they were available in UK) on recommendation from my son who helped with development test riding out there. I think they're great.

As mentioned by Carl, it is important to follow the instructions when installing. The 'I've been changing tyres for ever and don't need instructions' approach doesn't work.

Additionally, always make sure before fitting that the rim doesn't have any sharp dings or nicks on the outer lip, these could damage the Tubliss bladder as you fit it (that tip doesn't appear anywhere in the instructions).

There are those who will say that they 'don't last' or that they 'failed after x amount of time' That is almost exclusively down to damage caused by bad practice when fitting or, more usually, when removing a tyre that has Tubliss already fitted. If you insert the lever too far it can hook under the Tubliss and then break the bead of the outer reinforced liner.

If you fit them properly, then they are a super piece of kit.


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Thanks guys, much appreciated and thanks for the heads up on the smarts, I’m going to try one on the rear of one of my Bantams when I next change a tyre, so it will be a Tubliss Dual Chamber tubeless Xlite and Tubed rim. Be interesting to see how it goes. 
Thanks again, cheers Paulmac 

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